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What if your partner doesn't reciprocate oral sex? Orgasms can ease cramps and symptoms of PMS The endorphins released by orgasms can relieve common PMS symptoms such as stress obvs , but they can also relieve menstrual cramps for some people - based on the strength and intensity of the climax. Clue is a woman-led digital health startup and the world's fastest growing period tracking and fertility app. Simply put, there is NO truth in this - menstrual blood is a mixture of healthy blood and tissues that the body no longer needs, so absolutely no harm will come from him getting a bit of blood on his, ahem, sword…. Basically, you can speed up your period by having sex.

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What you need to know about breath play in sex.

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Princess Beatrice's wedding details confirmed. Period sex is a personal choice, and not one every woman chooses to make. There are many reported cases of ovulation happening close to menstruation and, because sperm can live up to seven days, it is actually possible to get pregnant during your period.

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