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You groan and throw yourself back on the couch. Jungkook pulls out flipping you over to undo your wrists. You sigh, hands coming up to remove the uncomfortable collar. I love you all stay safe Pairings: Eboy boyfriend! You slip down with ease from your own lubrication and the synthetic cum he had used before. Important: please people this is pure fantasy. He lifts your torso off the bed and flips you over on your back.

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That night you hardly got any sleep, eyes peeled open staring at the chocolate walls of your bedroom.

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They all grin at each other, happy at getting a reaction from Namjoon. So please be as descriptive as possible. His hips thrust harshly into yours, his end was right there and so was yours. Soon enough Jungkook opens it, his long hair partly covering his eyes.

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