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I can imagine the nation would riot. It's okay to not like me - it is not okay to assume that I am less of a person or less worthy of love because I like to have sex and can talk freely and openly about it. I'm sure I'd be accused of being cocky, not confident, attention seeking, not funny, "slutty" not that that means anything , not cheeky and "fake", not just comfortable enough to admit to having surgery. To insinuate that any relationship is less valid because of a strong physical connection is counterintuitive - the defining factor between a platonic and romantic relationship is physcial expressions of affection. What if in the same week I had shared that I had had plastic surgery and had danced in night clubs?! When I wore a short skirt, I got messages saying that I was unworthy and unlovable for showing some skin.

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Eden. Age: 31.
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In contrast, Ciarran's nudity made him a clear contender for Angie's heart, his confidence being a quality that many women look for in a partner.

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Beatrice. Age: 27.
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Abbie wrote that she was nervous to post the image because of the backlash she was worried she'd get, but that "nothing will change" if people don't speak up about what they believe in. I was always honest, authentic and expressive which can sometimes rub people the wrong way. While I LOVE that the majority of the public got behind Ciarran, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if the gender roles had been reversed.

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