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A few moments later the main character wakes up, to find Mako still raping and grabbing him by the neck to keep him in place and tells him that they are not done yet. Which can be either rough or amicable, depending on if the main character is enthusiastically enjoying having sex with her or not. If he pretends to not know, Mako will simply declare him to be useless and let him go. Basically confirming that she simply wanted to have sex and fertilising her eggs was just an excuse. She is also very respectful of her and calls her Queen.

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If he does, Mako will promise to have sex with him once again.

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She jokes about biting his penis off and then proceeds to give him a blowjob but warns him about not coming inside her mouth as she is only doing this to fertilise h him inside her and begins to properly rape him. However when she discovers him to be a male and then discovers he is a human, she gets sexually interested in him and forces him to have intercourse with her. Indeed, failing to please her in the massage results in the exact same scenario as if he had been displeased at the situation.

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