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So I ask her the obvious question: are ethical porn producers winning? And performing is definitely a passion for Stoya — when she is in control of the way she's performing and with who. He was going to bring the Penthouse Pets and American tourists and the communist heads of state and mix them together in the casino. Audacia Ray, who's a sex work activist in New York, said to me once that she's 'a short term pessimist but a long-term optimist. As far as diversity of bodies we're still nowhere near where we'd like to be, but we are already showing diversity of sexual interest and treatment of sexual video. But of course while the current porn environment has its problems, it also has its challengers: Stoya herself is working hard to try and offer an alternative to 'free' and unethical porn.

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So just as people can filter videos by the kind of things they like, using Stoya's categorisation system they can also use very detailed tags to filter out the kind of things they don't.

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Check out A Four-Chambered Heart. So the style of what a casual browser thinks 'porn' is, is controlled by them. She isn't an idealist, though: Stoya is a practical person, and is keen to get more people watching her porn even if it's not possible for them to pay — if they live in China, for example, where many adult sites are blocked, or in South America where her payment processor won't operate.

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