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Sign In Don't have an account? She has never fully recovered from the incident and rebel attacks make her panic. She was one of America Singer 's three maids, along with Mary and Anne. They support America a lot, helping her through the Selection, thinking that she will be a wonderful queen and a great match for Maxon. Aspen felt a bit overwhelmed to be married, so Maxon proposed that he and Lucy should find their own home outside the palace, a gift from the royal couple, which Aspen happily accepts. Lucy is still close to America and is called "Miss Lucy" by Eadlyn.

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Raegan. Age: 23.
tumblr maids

He eventually recovered, but even after that Aspen was afraid that Lucy would change her mind, like America had.

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Aaliyah. Age: 30.
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She enjoys talking with Mary, Anne, America and May and she has a lot of fun when she has make-overs with May. Lucy later falls in love and marries Aspen Leger , much to the liking and approval of America, thus she retires from her maid duties. Two years previous to the Selection America enters, the rebels attacked the palace and were able to infiltrate it. Lucy is very shy, but like Anne and Mary, she respects America and all her family and enjoys being her maid.

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