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They discover over time that the baby requires a name and they call him "Hannah" because they have only ever known an infant called by that name. This article needs additional citations for verification. Sometime later, Arthur's ship comes across the lifeboat and finds the three unconscious but still breathing. Over several months they make love often and eventually Emmeline becomes pregnant. When the day comes for delivery, Emmeline disappears into the forest and returns with a child.

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The galley cook, Paddy Button, assumes responsibility for the children and teaches them how to survive, cautioning them to avoid the "arita" berries, which he calls "the never-wake-up berries".

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If You Watched 'The Blue Lagoon' As A Kid, You Probably Didn't Realize How Messed Up It Is

Dicky and Emmeline teach Hannah how to swim, fish, throw spears and play in the mud. Back in San Francisco , Arthur, Dicky's father and Emmeline's uncle, believes the two are still alive and is determined to find them, after recognizing a child's tea set belonging to Emmeline which was retrieved by a whaler on an island. Although they are not far from shore, the trio cannot get back without the oars and they are unable to retrieve them from the water because of the shark. Ignorant of their human sexuality , they do not understand or know how to express their physical attraction to one another.

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