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For the first employees to clock in after the clock signalled six. It was about a week or so since the pizzeria closed down once more. Especially, with the strange activity happening while Lucas is reconstructing Freddy Fazbear and his band. Its been years since the Bite and kidnappings were all the craze years since its doors shut and now its back with one hell of a face lift and plenty to offer everyone. The past seems to have been forgotten lost to the pages of time, perhaps even forgiven but what's really happening under the warm, bright colors?

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A sister who hates her older brother for abandoning them, another sister who doesn't give any shits about it.

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Anika. Age: 21.
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Toy Freddy

What will happen when Vincent, Purple Guys, stars feeling regret? Freddy and crew have had quite enough of these 'disappearances. For the children who came when the music danced through the halls and screamed in glee when the robotics came to life.

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