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Please read the full text of our Disclaimers for more information. If solely motivated by the position of being a slave, the Master is vulnerable to feeling resentment due to a perception that the slave is not loyal to him, specifically. What kind of man seeks to be a slave? All slaves shall report their own violations of this rule to their Master, in addition to reporting violations of other slaves under the jurisdiction of their Master's authority, as soon as practically possible. Whether stuck in a rut or whether they simply make all the wrong choices, they generally seek a Master to tell them what to do so that their lives improve.

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Ariyah. Age: 22.
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Are "slave" and "submissive" the same thing?

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Perla. Age: 28.
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You are my owner, and i am owned by You. Generally, I like to categorize the motivations of men who are attracted to serving a Master: Escapists : Men who seek to take a break from the pressures of their daily responsibilities or stress pressure. Often, this motivation is not transferrable to another Master.

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