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Knowing she had the upper hand, she began unbuttoning her shirt as I approached. I worked my way down her neck to her tit and inhaled her nipple. He left me here without a ride. It was warm, tangy, and didn't remind me of milk. With that, she smiled and began walking towards me as she bit at her lower lip and looked into my eyes with innocent doe eyes.

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Mackenzie. Age: 24.
pregnant literotica

The beauty of what was before me struck me.

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Evalyn. Age: 31.
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Pregnant and in Need

Papers were sliding around as she repeatedly grabbed handfuls and crumpled them in her fists. As we lay there catching our breaths and recovering, I heard a popular pop song coming from her pants. My cock twitched at the sight, not repulsed but full of lust. Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation.

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