Deep urethral sound

deep urethral sound
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Masturbation with the sound in and then removing it on orgasm. There are straight roads that are meant for deeper urethral play, and there are curved roads that are meant to go deeper after the urethral curve and directly stimulate the prostate. There are other silicone sounds that are one-size and long allowing to get past the curve to reach the prostate, but really Van Buren set will serve much better then. This penis plug has a hollow end to allow peeing and orgasming with it inserted. Later, as you learn what kind of sensations you like, you can experiment with rosebud, ball or urethral vibrators.

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The 8 Best Urethral Sounding Rods & Penis Plugs *Side-by-Side Comparison Chart*

Just browse around on TheChainGang site and explore. Ideally use stainless steel, because of its added weight allowing easier insertion. While you cannot insert it very deep, the sounds reach up to 13mm in width allowing some nice stuffing and stretching training.

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