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Both applications were rejected in June because the company didn't pay the registration fees. Additionally, the online grossary on the website Hanataba Terrace uploaded a post about Zettai Ryouiki onn January 5th, , which defined its golden ratio as " ADD on September 25th, Led by the popularity of Mayura and dozens of Mayura-inspired Ukagaka agents wearing over-knee socks, her most characteristic feature, Zettai Ryouiki, established its concept on Ukagaka user communuty in The oldest instance which explained the ideal ratio of Zettai Ryouiki is As of March , the amount of illustrations tagged under the fashion on Japanese illustrators communities, such as Pixiv [17] and Nico Nico Seiga , [18] is more than 10, in total. This weird advertising technique made headlines on online gossip news media [31] [32] and was also reported in English news outlets such as Kotaku , [33] RocketNews24, [34] Daily Mail, [35] Yahoo [36] and The Guardian.

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over knee socks tumblr

While not specifically celebrating Zettai Ryouiki, the day does focus on a key component of the fashion style.

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In September , a Japanese portal service published an article ranking men's favourite fetishes, where Zettai Ryouiki reached into the top of the ranking that was based on a questionnaire completed by 1, male members of the online marketing research service Goo Research. Japanese Wikipedia [11] explains that the further spreading of Zettai Ryouiki beyond the otaku communities began after the online otaku culture became to attract a lot of attention on mass media by the success of the Densha Otoko [12] TV drama in the summer of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate.

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