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At present same-sex marriage is not allowed under Japanese law, nor can a husband and wife use different surnames. When people finally become fed up with the rigidity of that institution and start living together and having children outside the strictures of legally defined marriage, the Japanese family will confront a tidal wave of change. The government has also set a numerical target for advancing the role of women in Japanese society as a whole. But the survey itself drew criticism and was withdrawn. It was a topic of intense discussion on television and in newspapers and magazines, with much of the coverage consisting of furious speculation as to who the father might be. Despite the fact that people in Japan tend to get married for the purpose of having children, the government has shown little interest in addressing the childcare needs. For those who do have a child, the experience is probably grueling enough to discourage the notion of having more.

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japanese family sex

Needless to say, I know from my research that same-sex marriage or civil unions exist.

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Originally published in Japanese on August 6, In Japan, where organized religion has had little apparent influence on the conduct of daily life, things will change dramatically when the time comes. And for most couples in Japan, it seems, having children is the primary reason or impetus for entering wedlock.

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