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The film, Girl Power, will be screened in the U. Well, perhaps, in a roundabout way, they are seeking males, suggests primatologist Amy Parish. There are male ostriches that only court their own gender, and pairs of male flamingos that mate, build nests, and even raise foster chicks. For instance, the Spartans, in ancient Greece, encouraged homosexuality among their elite troops. She argues that female macaques may enhance their social position through homosexual intimacy which in turn influences breeding success. Such sexual behavior has been documented only relatively recently. Yet scientists say we should be wary of referring to animals when considering what's acceptable in human society.

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On the other hand, they could just be enjoying themselves, suggests Paul Vasey, animal behavior professor at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

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Robin Dunbar is a professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of Liverpool, England. The film, Girl Power, will be screened in the U. He said, "Nobody's really investigated this issue thoroughly, because it's so politically sensitive. So I think that maybe Japanese macaques have taken the fun aspect of sex and really run with it.

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