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By series end, Tenchi is seen heading off for school and daydreaming about the missing Ryoko; thought to have sacrificed herself. She watched Tenchi grow up over the years, and she wished more than anything to be with him. She developed her own feelings for Tenchi - leading to a legendary feud between the princess and the former-space pirate. After a single night, Ryoko breaks down and begins crying, calling for her "Mommy" over and over while Washu records the incident, commenting on how 'cute' Ryoko is and the "pleasures of motherhood. In fact, Ryoko becomes slightly cautious whenever Washu is looking at her with a mischievous smile and intimidating eyes. She and Ayeka constantly bicker over Tenchi Kawai's affections. Ryo-Ohki and Ken-Ohki are smitten with each other, which complicates the lives of their mistresses.

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tenchi muyo ryoko nude

Although she can get drunk like normal humans, Ryoko has the ability to nullify the effects of alcohol, which comes in handy if she has to go into battle.

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Ryoko Hakubi

In the True Tenchi novel "Yosho," it is revealed that while under the control of Kagato, he tried to squash all emotion out of her, and she attempted to receive some sort of emotional interaction from wherever she could get it from; even sex and masturbation didn't cut it for her. However, she has not had the chance to officially showcase this power within the show as of yet. When it comes to her relationship with Ayeka, the two of them are polar opposites in personality, as well as archrivals for Tenchi's affections.

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