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tomiko ippo
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Hajime no Ippo by George Morikawa. He's now begun his journey towards the world stage by challenging other national title holders in the OPBF. In addition, his intense training has allowed him to mimic some fighters' specialities with a degree of success such as Sendo's smash attacks or Jimmy Sisfa's jolt attacks during their matches. After several victories over highly ranked Mexican opposition, he becomes known as a 'Mexican Killer'. After finding out Sendo literally goes out of his way to make Ippo change his mind and after seeing his determination to want to fight him so badly akin to his desire to want to fight Miyata, Ippo decides to go on with the match despite his handicap. He originally was a delinquent who often got into fights. By high school, Sendo had already become one of the most feared street fighters and gang leaders in Osaka, but not attacking people, rather defending the weak.

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He originally was a delinquent who often got into fights.

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Fighting Spirit: Rising

He started by helping people from bullies, but eventually became very violent with his "justice". During his fight with Sendo, Ippo showed the Dempsey Roll's perfect form. When he was young, Ippo used to get bullied and picked on by others in his school.

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