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His fists clenched tightly at his sides and his jaw clenched, but other than that he made no attempt to move. You obeyed wordlessly, one of your hands moving down and between your spread legs. You trailed your fingers to the other one, giving it the same treatment,. You shut the laptop down and stood up, taking the time to push the chair back under the desk. You leaned back on the bed and closed your eyes. He was naked except for the pair of underwear he had on now, hair still slightly damp from the shower he had just gotten out of.

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Alina. Age: 24.
tumblr female mutual masturbation

The dominance dripped from his voice without him even needing to try and think about it.

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Daniella. Age: 32.
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He was worked up from watching you play with yourself, and he moaned before he bent both of his legs to plant his feet on the bed. You looked up and made eye contact with him while you circled your hole teasingly, the other reaching up to pinch at a nipple. You were moaning wantonly and almost forgot Sam was there until you heard him groan. The other hand on your clit was going as fast and hard as you were comfortable with.

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