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Are you ever gonna ask Shawna to marry you? He sighed and looked up at you. Someone to make you smile, and give you a reason to keep going everyday? Once he got to his door and unlocked it, you gave him a little wave and then disappeared into your apartment. Seeing Eric leaning out of the drivers seat with his eyebrows raised, he rolled his eyes and went back to fixing the car in front of him. That is until he goes to bed.

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He slid his mail key in between his index finger and thumb and looked up as he came up to his box that was embedded in the wall.

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Nymph Next Door

But as you stood there and looked at him, you began to overthink it, and it slowly fell, causing Dean to panic slightly. You both stared at each other for a moment, and you were grateful that he was a good driver. Giving you someone else to look after, take care of. Eric shook his head as he grabbed the keys and climbed back out.

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