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Despite sexual activity being a safe activity for the vast majority of pregnant women, fear of miscarriage, fear of harming the fetus, fear of preterm labour and fear of infection were frequently described as reasons to avoid, or limit sexual activity by women and their partners. As difficult as it can be to find time or energy to connect with our partner with a little one two, or more asking to be held, fed and entertained, research shows it is well worth it. The Journal of Sex Research, doi: Buttwo reasons stand out in particular: 1. Researchers of one study included in the review interviewed Austrian women about their experience of desire during pregnancy. It seems that pregnant women are more likely to give than receive.

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When couples reported engaging in sexual behavior before 12 weeks, it tended to be women giving her male partner oral sex.

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However, it is important to acknowledge that changes in sexual frequency during this transition are inevitable. What happens after the baby comes? Will our sex life ever come back?

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