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His eyes were dark, full of lust and hunger, ready to take you under him. How does this man know your name? Your arms left your side and ended up around his neck, he held tightly on your waist as the two of you kissed each other with so much passion and hunger. Never would I thought I would write something like this. You nervously laughed when suddenly you felt the heavy machine come to a sudden stop. Walking into the the elevator of your apartment building, you reached forward to press your floor level when suddenly,.

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Noa. Age: 24.
tumblr sex with teacher

Leaning in to attack your lips, you moaned in his mouth as the familiar feeling of his lips came in contact with yours.

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Elena. Age: 30.
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The feeling of his body and lips against yours was too much for you. A support team is on their way to fix the problem. Standing in front of you was your his subject teacher.

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