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We might have to wait a little while for his show to premiere on BET, but if anyone's day needs an immediate injection of King Bach, you know where to find him. Um, "mastered" is an understatement, Bach. Clearly his hard work has paid off literally , and it'll be interesting to see what happens next. In an interview with The Daily Beast he said, With Vine, I started doing it, and my first Vines sucked — they were horrible — but I started studying and seeing which Vines got the most likes, and what people liked to see and laugh in, and I took that and put my own unique spin on it. Being a Vine celebrity is not necessarily the same thing as being a celebrity period, but a few of the social media app's viral darlings have managed to break down the barrier and become recognizable superstars in their own right. If you want to be the next King Bach, prepare yourself for some pretty rigorous dedication.

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With his follower count now at 8.

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How Did King Bach Get Famous on Vine? It Wasn't All Fun & Backflips

With his follower count now at 8. After his friend Furlan experienced an incredible amount of success and recently an incredible amount of scandal she got him into Vine. Um, "mastered" is an understatement, Bach.

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