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It's a different way of approaching food, but no less legitimate. It was part of an online travel show filmed in and released before Click Here to find out more. There is good evidence that bats were the source of this outbreak, but even if that is ultimately found to be the case, it doesn't warrant the ill-informed and often racist memes making the rounds. The coronavirus panic has provided an opportunity for a pile-on of disinformation.

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Dylan. Age: 31.
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Supermarkets stocked with pre-cut, commercially farmed meat have contributed to a psychological disassociation in consumers between meat and the animals it comes from.

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Jasmine. Age: 32.
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Coronavirus panic is not an excuse to spread racist memes

Various media outlets have labelled the footage "gruesome," unable to handle the notion that not everyone gets all their protein from plastic-wrapped cutlets of factory-farmed chicken. The outbreak has simply brought these xenophobic sentiments to the fore, strengthening them with confirmation bias and fear. Some of the repulsion also comes from the fact that the bats being eaten in the videos are clearly identifiable as animals.

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