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Again, this is an intense experience so talk about who is in charge of aftercare and dealing with potential sub-drop. The scenario would work a bit like this. I'm concerned that this is a very intense experience for us both and that once someone begins to submit to an experienced dom that it will be very hard to stop. Your post just reminds me of what is called, "unicorn hunting. I figured that because of that I was unlikely to be qualified to become a dom. There are many Dominants that would be glad to scene with a brand new submissive and walk away. I'm enjoying our new dynamic and it's a lot of fun.

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Nicole. Age: 31.
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If they are not interested in your involvement, then they are not likely to work to include you

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Kailani. Age: 20.
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Welcome to BDSMcommunity

I trust Mrs StuffWeGetUpTo entirely, but I'm concerned that any submission apart from sexual is like opening a door that cannot be closed. See here for more information. There is no single right way to do this stuff, but there are individuals out there who seek to "train" a sub to fit their needs, regardless of that sub's personality or needs. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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