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Speaking about it, I'll upload two of said 'test-RP' scenarios because they turned out to be cute scenes that I think some of you might appreciate! For reading the chapter from to you can simply check this link here, It's uploaded to an indexed Google Doc that contains them! Cute-Anime-Feet is a small group of friends sharing a passion for quality cuteness and feet! Most of you don't know about my animation skills yet but I hope to upload a few animations from time to time. Whether it is in words or images; drawings or comics, stories or roleplay! Thanks for your support It may take a while but I intend on making something nice for you.

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Valentina. Age: 28.
cute anime feet

This path, or story, is a part of an even bigger project that connects many different stories and share events and a lore in the world of Tidai.

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Kaia. Age: 30.
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Mature Content

I actually took my time for updating this, but mostly because I have been doing some of the test scenes with players. First of all here comes a big sorry for taking so long for posting, and also for checking the format as one recent journal commented about. We will use all methods available to make others enjoy our art. I'm just picking my favorite idea, but thanks to whoever suggests!

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