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After coating her nethers, she held the bottle up to her face and sprayed herself again, opening her mouth to taste some of it. From this position, the dogs wishing to use her as their toilet could just squat down onto her face and start filling her open and begging mouth with their fetid turds. The camera wobbled a bit as he mounted it on a tripod and focused it on the prone girl currently being facefucked in a bridge pose. The dogs continued to have their way with her, while she, in a constant state of extreme pleasure had lost all sense of time. She shuddered with pleasure.

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Alani. Age: 22.
dog fucks girl in mouth

Wild with lust from the estrus scent, they began getting more and more impatient.

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Grace. Age: 30.
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After frenching the dirty hole for a few minutes, she pulled away, leaving a strand of brownish saliva between the hole and her tongue. The dog that had been stroked and rimmed just minutes ago turned around and began prodding her mouth with his cock. This in turn meant that the girl had two large red cocks trying to push their way into her asshole. In her lust filled frenzy, she welcomed all of the filthy dog shit.

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