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elizabeth berkley showgirls gif
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All of the sex scenes and lap dances were cut out of this version — and rather abruptly, too. It's jarring and crazy and, at times, hilarious. At first, it's not that noticeable — there's even one in Nomi's very first scene, where she hitch hikes — but as the movie goes on, it gets weirder and funnier. Here are the edits you should watch for if you catch the VH1 version of Showgirls. But in order to be aired on television, Showgirls was edited even more — bare breasts have MS Paint bras drawn on, scenes abruptly end and begin, and the worst dubbing imaginable comes out of everyone's mouths. And like everything else in this edit, it makes no sense. Well, here's a taste of some of rewritten dubs from Showgirls.

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elizabeth berkley showgirls gif

But I have seen the heavily-edited-for-TV version of the movie in its entirety and it's hilarious — there are so many edits you need to watch for in the TV edit of Showgirls.

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Well, here's a taste of some of rewritten dubs from Showgirls. The above GIF is literally how it goes down. Can you believe it's already been 25 years since we followed the journey of Nomi Malone through the sex life and times of a Las Vegas showgirl on the rise?

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