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Oh, but how I would hit that shiat over and over and over. Quite frankly I wish more celebs had the brass balls she does to prosecute instead of just sue in civil court when Consuela the maid pilfers out their amateur watersports porn and sells it to the highest bidder. When designing a baby carrier, the first think you should do is ensure that the baby won't fall out mlive. Not only did everyone see her naked for free, they saw her in the most unflatteringly naked way possible. I'd say I'm surprised by her attention whoring, but she's an aspiring TV personality. I mean, that sounds pretty vanilla compared to some of the rule 34 stuff I've seen.

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Awkward! Hannah Brown Thought Erin Andrews Said She Should ‘Make Out’ With Her ‘DWTS’ Partner

Chainsaw: Orgasmatron If Erin Andrews didn't have a reputation for fawning all over athletes like a college sorority girl trying to get married before graduation Eh, can you really blame her? If she were petting the beaver that would be one thing, but it hardly sounds worth a GIS If you need voyeur porn, I am quite certain there is higher quality stuff available. It's just sports, after all.

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