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my little pony rainbow dash human
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You'd have to look really hard to find a trophy that doesn't have her name on it. As the ship sinks, Rainbow and her friends use their superpowers to rescue the ship's passengers, affirming Rainbow's conception of the girls as superheroes and Rainbow uses her super-speed to propel a makeshift lifeboat to the island. At one point, she is bested by both Applejack and Spike at a high striker game. In the half-hour special Movie Magic , Rainbow Dash accompanies her friends to the set of the Daring Do movie, she being the most excited among them. During her freshman year at Canterlot High School, she tries out for the soccer team and joins, but her self-centeredness on the soccer field irritates her teammates and nearly costs them the first game of the season against the Shadowbolts. Equestria Girls characters.

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Luz. Age: 30.
my little pony rainbow dash human

In the second season , she is a main focus in Sock It to Me and a possible ending in the music festival shorts Wake-Up!

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Kinley. Age: 22.
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Rainbow Dash (EG)

The Rainbooms also get booked as the centerpiece for the park's light parade by Rarity's boss, the park's head of pubic relations Vignette Valencia. Entertaining and energetic, she enjoys having fun with her friends! Background characters Earth ponies. In Friendship Through the Ages , she performs a verse of the titular song in the style of classic rock and ultimately smashes a guitar.

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