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It was one of the big ones, too. She knew what I was going to say. While I had no objection to the other shoppers catching a glimpse of stubborn Prissy walking around with a wet bottom, I had something even better for them to see. A rather large wet spot between her legs that had slowly begun to creep its way up her bottom. She still had a choice, of course: She could wear the diapers like the baby that she was, or we could continue shopping until she ended up pissing all over herself in public. But, she insisted, only if we could do it in private. Mindfucked and under control.

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Zoe. Age: 32.
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She wisely, though unhappily, opted to take the diaper.

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Kennedi. Age: 22.
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Silly Prissy

No, I figured that this could be a valuable opportunity for my silly Prissy to learn a lesson. She lost that chance, and this was what she was left with. I had magically taken years off her age just by putting her in a diaper.

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