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Six o'clock soon rolled around, and the alarm clock buzzed in his sister's room, he was sitting on his computer desk checking his e-mails and instant messaging his friends. She then turned and seen that it still read five foot five inches. Her skinny flat belly showed from beneath her shirt, her bright blue skin tight short, shorts left little to the imagination as it gave a perfect form of her camel toe showing that she wasn't wearing panties, her nipples were visible through her white shirt showing she didn't have a bra on either. Nightmares and Baby Showers 6. He soon heard it shut off, as the bedroom door of his sister's room opened then the sound of the bathroom door slamming shut. He yawned and reached over and flipped the switch at the top of it turning it off, the bright red digital numbers on the digital clock burned into his retina's through the darkness of the early morning.

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sister shrinks brother

He sat up and stretched his thin lanky arms, his green eyes stared into the darkness of his room, as he tried to blink away the blaring AM imprints that the clock had provided when he stared into it, after blinking several times, he pulled his covers off of his body, and stood up.

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She angrily got into the shower and began to clean herself off more thoroughly. She sighed as she got up and grabbed her clothes, then walked out into the hallway and into the bathroom. He then walked over to his sister and measured her.

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