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Of course, I would have liked to have woken up with her in my arms, but all the same. As she was stimulated her mouth opened in an unspoken shout of joy, but she still had not reached the edge. I knew that I wanted her and I probably always would. I wanted to give this to her as a gift, but suddenly I felt as though it hadn't been enough, because seeing her body with my own eyes was mind-blowing. With my head buzzing, I jumped out of bed.

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Astrid. Age: 26.
raven and robin have sex

I stayed still while she shifted, tying to find a comfortable position.

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Khloe. Age: 29.
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She looked into my eyes, placed a hand against my cheek, and then gave me a sweet, genuine smile. She stood frozen for a second, as I did. All the while Raven moaned.

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