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She smirked as her shirt slid up her belly. Crazy hips that seemed to stretch forever and not to mention her massive elephant sized breasts. With that she giggled and did more bouncing and jiggling as she saw and felt the donations roll in. Thinking They had seen everything all her friends bought the items they had choosen and were leaving when the old lady pulled judy aside and offered her this bra. She managed to get through with her shoulders and breasts only causing minor damage to the doorway.

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She had been a small B cup just a few nights ago.

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Playing with herself for all of her small town to see as she bounced and swayed her breasts side to side. Squatting down she started twerking a little feeling amazing as she was able to fully squat down and still see her ass above the sink and counter top. As she tried to pull her shirt down over her growing bosom she laughed at how feeble of any attempt was to wear her old shirt. Do you have any clue how long the royal seamstresses will have to work to cover up your shame?!

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