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Despite being a bona fide yuppie, with an annual six-figure income from his job as a financial consultant, Ted did not own a TV or a car. Asian women: They don't have any sexual hang-ups. On a day-to-day basis, I give in to whatever my girlfriend wants. I have never been interested in blonds," said Ted. He was completely, thoroughly and unapologetically honest, without meanness or guile. With no further preamble, he began.

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Occasionally, during our conversation, he would pull out a Chap-Stick and rub it thoughtfully over his lower lip.

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June. Age: 20.
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Our mutual friend Carol had told me to expect honesty, and I, in turn, was prepared to be confrontational with a guy I assumed would be an overfed, overgrown Delta Phi reject. I had two feelings about this. Taking my cue from him, I said, "I, um, find this refreshing that you would talk to me openly.

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