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Counselling is an inchoate offence concerning the preparation of a future offence. Recently, Drake released a song called "I'm Upset" with some interesting lyics. No homo Attached: Well-that-escalated-quickly. You're just mad cause drake sucks more white dick than you. So, did the Faggot of Forest Hill put out a hit on these fine upstanding gentlemen, did they really dindu nuffin but expose some kosher cock sucking? Take it, call your mother, and tell her there is serious doubt that you understand where you are.

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drake sucking a dick

This isn't Wikipedia, artist management.

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Ally. Age: 32.
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Drake's Dick Size Is Being Disputed, But Should We Care?

You have no argument but gore and "slide thread". Any lurking anons, be wary of this until more evidence is presented, other than circumstance and a questionable phone pic. While Drake and Birdman are as gay as Jay-Z, I could see the whole scenario being weirder and dumber than a blowjob coverup.

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