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Kurt was having a hard time staying awake after being fucked for the whole day he started to think his reason on the planet was being the hole it's residents needed. Kurt was as quite as he could he even landed on a branch to keep his wings still and from buzzing. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Kurt flew off to explore like he wanted to before being taken away by that bee but he did get something out of it. Waking up Kurt was feeling dizzy and confused as he found himself outdoors in a forest. Kurt had managed to get a few feet up when he heard more buzzing and footsteps with desperation he forced his wings to go faster he was about out when the other bees entered the room looking for the sweet smelling queen they smell but Kurt was gone by the time they were completely inside the room.

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The man in armor was first to move as he drew his sword and the girl said.

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The Tentacle Monster Part 1 - Sex Stories

By the time Melody was done she was crying again dropping the berries Kurt wrapped Melody up in her arms and took Melody into her hive to be safe from the forest dwelling creatures. He was glad his father was a blacksmith and he helped out in the forge or making a weapon or tools would be alot harder by the time he was set up the sun was going down. Kurt didn't know what was going on he thought the wasp looking bee was going to eat him but that changed when instead he was held in some honey like substance.

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