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This is probably the least memorable of Mystique's clothing-free jamborees, but the nudity is just as strong. Rampage combines everyone's favorite giant monsters in one game. Well, if you're Acclaim, you make the most logical decision you can: fill it up with boobs and hope for the best. At first glance, Bayonetta doesn't look any less dressed than your typical female video game protagonist: skin-tight suit, a little cleavage, some back showing - that's downright puritanical compared to some. For mastering the ability to cover his junk while doing a jumping cartwheel, Raiden's brief foray into nudity is commendable. Saints Row series Saint's Row turned into a full-frontal nudity simulator so gradually, most members of the hysterical mainstream media didn't even notice.

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Madalynn. Age: 23.
naked party games

Animals don't wear clothes seriously, they don't, so stop trying to put your dog in a sweater , so it's always funny to see how certain cartoon characters get anthropomorphized.

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Alisha. Age: 29.
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Hen Party Games

Yes, the Penis Brothers are not a construct of Facepunch Studios; each, er, member of this faction is a person who's logged onto Rust and decided to dedicate hours of their time to furthering the cause of the Penis Brothers by running around digitally nude and killing the digitally clothed. Did we mention that this game is multiplayer-only? Geez, David Cage certainly has a thing for shower sequences, huh?

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