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They prevent affected adults and children from going to school, working, or fully participating in community life, contributing to stigma and the cycle of poverty. When you have reached the point where you no longer expect a response, you will at last be able to give in such a way that the other is able to receive and be grateful. Parasitic worms are organisms that can live and replicate in the gastrointestinal system. New York: Saunders Elsevier; Those who exhibit symptoms have diarrhea, containing blood, mucous, and water as a result of the swallowed eggs hatching in the caecum the pouch-like area of the large intestine followed by the larvae migrating to the lining the colon to grow into adulthood and mate.

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Note that the Ancylostoma duodenale hookworm can also be acquired by ingesting soil or sand through dirty hands or unwashed fruits and vegetables.

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Information last updated: February 18, Become a member to access even more travel health resources, including the Travel Health Planner. Polio: Still a global threat?

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