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The demons were sealed away during the climax of a great war three thousand years prior to the series and the fairies, giants, and goddesses lost much of their powers and numbers in it as well. Everything's Better with Princesses : Namely the three princesses of Liones. Unable to contain his wrath, he lost control of his power and destroyed the town. Enemy Mine : King temporarily teams up with the Holy Knights in order to get at Ban when he believes the latter is the one responsible for his sister's death. Dreyfus' power is to literally blast through anything in his way.

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This occurs both in the manga and anime, however the latter leaves out the explanation that this was actually Arthur's first real fight and that his powers hadn't manifested yet.

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Meliodas and Ban

Immortality Seeker : Ban sought out the Fountain of Youth in order to become immortal. They were supposed to have been executed but Meliodas' brother was in love with one of them so he "spared" them. The Holy Knights instead decided to prevent the war by overthrowing the king and forcing the various civilians to make preparations for it. Fastball Special : Unorthodox method of transportation between towns during emergencies, courtesy of Diane.

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