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Continue: The Mummy Trailer. The filmmakers haven't bothered coming up with either a plot or title for this sequel, but they know that Part 1's success was its lively mix of dance and 3D. With virtually the same tone as they used in their superhero spoof Kick-Ass, filmmakers Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman take another riotously adult approach to pastiche, this time tackling the James Bond genre. The son of a former agent, Eggsy shows considerable promise even if he lacks the expected refinement. She's loosely based on the goddess Amunet, and while she is determined to claim her power of the kingdom that she was robbed of millenia ago, Sofia insists that she wasn't always all bad. Continue: Monsters: Dark Continent Trailer. In East Germany, she makes contact with David James McAvoy , a fellow agent who has gone native, a little too deep undercover as a black market smuggler.

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Somehow, Nick manages to survive an horrific plane crash completely unscathed, with the spirit of Ahmanet using him to regain her power back.

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From the co-director of John Wick, this similarly styled action romp puts Charlize Theron front Sofia Boutella stars in 'The Mummy'. Down the generations, it's been said that the ancient Egyptian gods, deities and earthly pharaohs had powers beyond those of a normal human.

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