Drow elf art

drow elf art
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It was even worse for those women who sought power outside of Lolth's church, where they had to compete not only with other females, but with resentful and oppressed males as well. The Chaulssinyr accepted the help of Vhaeraun and managed to flee into the Shadowfell where they founded Chaul'mur'ssin and House Jaezred in DR , which would later become a Vhaeraunite assassins guild known as Jaezred Chaulssin , who eventually returned to Toril in DR. Around DR , every drow city was visited by Danifae Yauntyrr , the drow female who had been chosen as Chosen of Lolth at the end of the Silence. Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 2nd edition. The Reckoning includes the years following the Silence, between DR and DR , during which the church of Lolth destroyed all the other drow churches. The former was about forcing all other races of the Underdark into subservience, while the latter was about driving the entire elven population into extinction. Most members of the Lolthite drow society lived under oppression, in perpetual desperation and poverty.

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drow elf art

The drow who chose to live on the surface, outside of the churches of Eilistraee and Vhaeraun, did not form any kind of organized society and instead lived as hermits and outcasts.

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For example, it was custom to kill all children with physical deficiencies; a commonly accepted gesture was dropping a knee and held weapons as a sign of surrender. Many fanatical drow told lies and fabrications about their own history to serve the ends of the noble Houses and of the faiths. For example, while they liked to assassinate their competiton, doing so and being exposed would bring punishment for being too overt about it, as would open murder.

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