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Serenity grinned as Chrysalis drank the the pink liquid, she was glad that the queen of the changelings wasn't a complete fool, her plans were coming along nicely and she just barely got out of limbo. She pulled out of her dripping semen on Rarity's crotch as she felt her own breasts. She knew that Chrysalis had an ego but thinking she could fight them all? Have your way with me if you want, but please don't do anything to her! Paradise jumped out of the way of the large rock and teleported behind her. Sweetie Belle cried out even more as Paradise kept thrusting into her prey, Rarity was in tears now hearing her sister scream in pain as she was a victim of those tentacles. One of the tentacles on her nipples moved up and unsheathed itself thrusting onto her little mouth and the tentacles behind her slapped her bum more.

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mlp tentacles

Paradise was too horny to keep fighting like this, she didn't want to battle but this girl was really making it annoying.

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My Little Brony

She understood why of course. Paradise moaned in bliss as she rubbed her pussy against the white unicorn's privates. A tentacle unsheathed like a foreskin revealing a thick cock as it started to rub against her pussy, two more tentacles wrapped themselves around her nipples and started to tug on them gently.

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