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Sand from the ocean bottom frequently gets caught inside, and, over the course of their evolution, will be turned into a large and valuable pearl. As Goldeen age, their scale coloration becomes more elaborate, and they will begin to seek out a mate, with whom they perform a complex dance. When enough Meltan have gathered together, drawn naturally to each other, they will begin to combine into Melmetal. A maturing Totodile that walks around with its mouth closed is considered to be well disciplined. As they age, Misdreavus will begin to shed their old orbs, and grow new, elongated orbs that can store more energy. As a result, Clamperl will stay within their shells until they outgrow them, often running back to the shell to hide during times of distress, curling up so that they fit inside.

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Anonymous said: Imagine how salty someone would be if their Meltan was absorbed to become part of someone else's Melmetal.

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It takes many Meltan to produce a Melmetal, making it impossible for a captured Meltan evolve unless exposed to numerous other Meltan. Thanks for the suggestions! However, as their hind legs grow stronger, they often practice dashing on land - a technique they will use to take foes down with surprising speed. I consider it like Ash-Greninja, in that it was made for the anime but was put in the games as a special thing.

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