Female heartbeat tumblr

female heartbeat tumblr
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Now rapidly pounding again!!! The only sensations you are aware of are the amazing feelings and sounds of your stabbed and dying little heart. Then, without any further warning, your overwhelmed heart simply stops. Your beautiful little heart has just been completely penetrated through and through. You gasp for breath in both shock and ecstasy as you feel the sharp point slowly and deliberately begin its deadly journey into the pulsating mass of powerful muscle. You feel your heart begin to skip a beat here and there. You feel every agonizing movement.

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Astrid. Age: 24.
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Every agonizing beat sends new sensations to your brain as your heart tightly grips the unyielding steel and pounds away wildly around it…slowly, relentlessly causing more and more deadly damage.

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Lexi. Age: 22.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The irregular beats have now become more frequent. Panic is now driving your over stressed heart to pound even faster. The sharp, thick, rigid blade of the knife continues its slow, deliberate journey through your powerful left ventricle, damaging or destroying each delicate heartstring that it encounters deep within the rapidly pulsating chamber. Deeper and deeper it moves.

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