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It was there she met her ex-husband Harry and by 23 was happily married and things went well for the next 3 years until Dave came into her life. Calculating that she was too far from home to make it, she headed off the path to find a concealed spot. Despite the shame that Nikki felt her body betrayed her and she found herself orgasming on the dog cock. Her yell of pain and humiliation filled the glade as the dog worked himself deeper with each frantic thrust. For what seemed like ages the dog lay on her back panting and slobbering in her ear as he remained locked inside. Then just as she was about to cum Lena withdrew her fingers and started to collect her clothes. Married for the second time.

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Nikki started to sweat as Lena moved her hand back and forward getting 4 fingers deeper and deeper.

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Neither having to bother pinning the bitch beneath them who was now a willing participant. Nikki felt uncomfortable and wanted desperately to get away from the unnatural event unfolding before her. Nikki loved to run, and today was no exception, the feeling of the fresh late afternoon air caressing her lithe body gave her an almost sexual buzz. After a reasonably amicable divorce Nikki moved in with Dave and for the next few years things seemed to be going well.

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